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Homemaker Portrait | Lydia Goode, Season 18, Ep 3

In this episode, I am chatting with seasoned homemaker, Lydia Goode, about her 47+ years experience of keeping a home and raising 5 children. Lydia acquired her homemaking skills from the example of older women and from home ec classes in high school and even through college. She is passionate about the Titus 2 model and shares how Titus 2 women ministered to her in the early years of homemaking. Lydia shares about the challenge of their recent move from their home of 32 years in Florida to a new home in Tennessee to be near their son and his family. Through it all, she sees how God has been faithful in every season of her homemaking.



Welcome & Allison's Update: Hosting Prep & Valentine's Day Ideas

Beginnings: Home Ec Major to Trial & Error Homemaker

Priorities & Schedules: Practical Suggestions for Larger Families

Relationships & Hospitality: Building Community & Everyone Needs a Mentor

Seasons of Homemaking: Empty Nest & Big, Scary Changes

Homemaker Q&A: Fails, Wins, Tips and Recipes

The Art of Home: Everything you do is creating.

Titus 2 Women: A Ministry Story & Lydia's Advice

ALLISON'S UPDATE: Valentine Ideas for the Homemaker

  1. Check Expectations

  2. Communicate Expectations

  3. Coordinate Experiences


Product or Resource

The one homemaking tool Lydia could not live without has been a part of her tool kit since her wedding shower over 47 years ago! It's a metal pot strainer and she uses it almost daily for straining pasta, veggies or anything else cooked in liquid. Here's something similar on Amazon.

Hack or Tip

Lydia has always utilized garage sales and thrift stores to find great deals on everything from clothing to home decor.

Signature Dish: Meatloaf

Lydia shared her meatloaf recipe from memory since she's been making it for so long, she has no idea where the original recipe is located. The secret to perfectly moist meatloaf that is not greasy is to cook the loaf on a broiler pan. No broiler pan? Check the recipe notes for another option.

Meatloaf from Memory Lydia Goode
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