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The Art of Home is taking a break for the beginning of summer 2023. That gives you an opportunity to catch up on old episodes or join in for another round of reading and studying JR Miller's classic, Homemaking, published in 1882. For the next five weeks your host, Allison, will read two chapters from this short book. 

To help you retain and apply the timeless lessons of Rev. Miller, The Art of Home has created a free study guide for each chapter. Enter your email in the form below and we will send you a downloadable, printable pdf of the study guide 

Since we are presenting the book in audio form via the podcast you do not need a hard copy. However, it might be helpful for working through the reflection questions. This book is in the public domain, therefore you can access the text for free in various places online. If you desire, you can purchase a paperback copy for less than $10 on Amazon.  

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Thank you & happy reading!

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