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Meet Your Host

Hi! I'm Allison, host of The Art of Home Podcast. I am a wife to Nate, mom to 4 adult children and Granny to one little boy. I have been a full-time homemaker for over 30 years. I love to read, cook, sing, thrift, and create beautiful things for my home or simply for the joy of creating.

I started The Art of Home Podcast in 2021 with a desire to encourage homemakers by highlighting the unique stories of other homemakers; their trials, triumphs, failures and successes. Connecting with other homemakers to learn from and encourage one another is crucial to our success in this occupation.

Our Mission

The Art of Home exists to provide encouragement and inspiration for women to practice the occupation of homemaking as an art with confidence, skill, joy and creativity.

Through our podcast and other resources we desire to elevate the work of the home in the eyes of the homemaker and of the culture.

Homemaking practiced as an art exchanges drudgery for dignity and brings beauty and great value to the ordinary tasks of life.

Our Content

Homemaker Portrait Podcast Episodes

These long-form episodes are the OG Art of Home content. I interview women of all ages and stages of homemaking about their story of home from before they began to where they are today. 

Homemaking Deep Dive Podcast Episodes

These long-form episodes cover a skill or topic related to home and homemaking. I am typically joined by one or more guests who have a passion and proficiency in this topic.

Monday Motivation Podcast Episodes

These short-form episodes are designed to help homemakers kick off their week with joy, confidence, and creativity. I share random tips, ideas and encouragement as well as answer listener questions from the Mail Bag.

Holiday Homemaking Podcast Episodes

These long-form episodes are a compilation of short holiday stories of home from all of the guests I have interviewed during that year. They share Christmas memories, traditions, recipes and tips. Combined with poetry, holiday stories and tips from me, this annual series will surely get you in the holiday mood.


Homemaker Happy Mail

This is our free newsletter which goes out every-other Friday. It is your week-end encouragement containing detailed show notes from the most recent episodes, extras shared by our guests, homemaking articles by me and other contributing homemakers, podcast news, and much more. 

*Note: Titus 2 monthly supporters receive an audio version of the newsletter as well.


Deep Dive Companion Resources

Many of our deep dive episodes have free companion resources to help you implement the ideas we share. 

"Homemaking" by JR Miller Audiobook & Study Guide

First published in 1882, the Rev. Miller's classic book covers many subjects that are invaluable to the homemaker.  We've created a study guide to help you reflect on his teachings and apply them in your own homemaking. The guide is broken up into 5 weeks, however, you can study at your own pace. The audio is available in 5 episodes on the podcast.


 Advent Study Guide

It is a simple daily devotional to help you focus on the themes of Advent; hope, peace, joy and love. Each daily devotion includes a truth about the weekly theme, scripture to support that truth and a suggested song. The guide has instructions at the beginning to help you make the most of this resource.

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