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Meet Your Host

Hi! I'm Allison, host of The Art of Home Podcast. I am a wife to Nate, mom to 4 adult children and Granny to one little boy. I have been a full-time homemaker for over 30 years. I love to read, cook, sing, thrift, and create beautiful things for my home or simply for the joy of creating.

I started The Art of Home Podcast in 2021 with a desire to encourage homemakers by highlighting the unique stories of other homemakers; their trials, triumphs, failures and successes. Connecting with other homemakers to learn from and encourage one another is crucial to our success in this occupation.

Our Mission

The Art of Home exists to provide encouragement and inspiration for women to practice the occupation of homemaking as an art with confidence, skill, joy and creativity.

Through our podcast and other resources we desire to elevate the work of the home in the eyes of the homemaker and of the culture.

Homemaking practiced as an art exchanges drudgery for dignity and brings beauty and great value to the ordinary tasks of life.

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