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Purpose and Mission of the Newsletter

The mission of The Art of Home is to encourage women in their practice of homemaking by highlighting the stories of everyday homemakers. We do that through our Homemaker Portraits on The Art of Home Podcast and through articles in our free weekly newsletter, Homemaker Happy Mail. 

The newsletter is meant to be a complement to the podcast. It provides another dose of inspiration to help homemakers finish their week with joy and confidence. Articles may offer practical advice, theological truths, devotional thoughts or nostalgic memories as a means of challenging and inspiring our readers. 

How We Use Your Work

Newsletter content corresponds to the theme of the podcast season in which they are published. Writers are asked to submit a piece for one of our specific themes as listed below.  You may submit 1 article per season as listed below, no more than 4 total submission. Please note that the submission form is limited to 2 articles, so you will have to fill out 2 forms if submitting for more than 2 seasons. Editors will select one or two articles to feature each week and will notify writers at least a week before their article is published.

Newsletters are published every Friday during regular podcast seasons. A digital version is sent to The Art of Home subscriber list and an audio version is sent to Art of Home monthly supporters. The digital versions are posted on our website's newsletter archive page after the close of each season where they will live indefinitely.  Some articles may be adapted for future Art of Home digital, print or broadcast publications. Contributing authors receive full credit in all adaptations of their submitted work. 

How to Submit Your Work

We would love to add your unique writing voice to The Art of Home. Please carefully read the following before you begin writing:

Guest Writer Editorial Guidelines

Before you submit, please read all guidelines!


Topics & Content
  • We are looking for articles grounded in specific experiences of homemaking, with a useful takeaway and/or call to action for our readers.

  • Please take a look at a few recent Art of Home newsletters to understand what kind of articles we publish. You can access past editions HERE.

  • Only pre-approved topics will be reviewed or published. We do follow a topical schedule based on seasonal podcast content. See below for current topics, schedule and submission deadlines.

  • We would prefer your submission be a stand alone, new piece, written specifically for The Art of Home newsletter audience. If it has been previously published in full or in part elsewhere, please clearly state this in your submission. In such cases, we will require written permission from the original publishers to use the piece for The Art of Home.

  • We do not accept AI-generated work, including any writing created, fully or in part, with AI software. We reserve the right to withdraw acceptance of any work found to be AI-generated, even if after publication.

  • Submissions must be between 750-1000 words.

  • Please submit your piece as a PDF.

  • All content must be submitted in English.

  • Keep your title brief, no more than 10 words. The title should clearly communicate the topic of the piece to the reader.

  • Recommended resource links embedded in your article are subject to our approval. 

  • If you are citing source texts in your piece, please use hyperlinks rather than footnotes or endnotes.

  • We encourage the use of a few bold-faced subheadings to break up the text and guide the reader through your piece.

  • Please include a short biography with your submission (50 words max). Include your name, how long you have been a homemaker, what state or country you live in, family info, hobbies/interests and your website/social/contact info. 

Example:  Allison Weeks has been homemaking for 30+ years. She is a wife, mom to 4, and Granny to 2. She lives with her husband in Texas where she cooks, thrifts, reads and produces The Art of Home Podcast. Connect with Allison at 

Edits, Copyright & Permissions
  • We reserve the right to make changes to accepted articles for grammar, readability, and organization. We also may request revisions.

  • By submitting an article to The Art of Home Newsletter, you certify that the work is your own and that you give permission to The Art of Home to publish your work in the newsletter, on The Art of Home Website and in future Art of Home digital, print and broadcast publications.

2024 Newsletter Theme & Submission Schedule

The following is a list of 2024 newsletter themes and deadlines. Below each theme is a short list of article topic examples. We welcome your ideas beyond these examples, as long as they relate to the specified theme. 

Season 20: Stewardship in the Kitchen

Topic Examples 

  • managing food budgets well

  • managing time well in the kitchen

  • creative money saving meal plans

Publishing Dates: Every Friday May 31-July 5

Submission Deadline: May 1, 2024


Season 21: Homemaking and Community

Topic Examples

  • How Homemaking Impacts Community Near and Far

  • The Home as Training Ground for Healthy Community 

  • Isolation: How Homemaking Welcomes the Lonely

Publishing Dates: Every Friday July 26-Aug 30

Submission Deadline: July 1, 2024


Season 22: Hospitality in the Home

Topic Examples

  • Practical ideas and suggestions for showing hospitality to your family members and/or to those outside your family

  • Reflections on Your Experience of Giving or Receiving Hospitality in the Home

  • Hosting Guests: Making a Plan and Carrying it Out (simple meals, parties, holidays, overnight or weekend guests)

Publishing Dates: Every Friday Sept 20-Oct 25

Submission Deadline: Sept 1, 2024


Season 23: Advent and Holiday Homemaking

Topic Examples

  • How you remember and celebrate the themes of Advent in your homemaking (hope, peace, joy, love)

  • Holiday Homemaking memories (from your childhood or your own homemaking)

  • Holiday Homemaking inspiration and ideas (food, planning, gift buying, celebrations, traditions)


Publishing Dates: Every Friday Nov 15-Dec 20

Submission Deadline: Nov 1, 2024

Ready to Submit Your Article?

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