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Homemaker Portrait | Jan Roueche, Season 19, Ep 4

Updated: Apr 26

Today I am chatting with Seasoned Homemaker, Jan Roueche. Married for over 40 years, Jan and her husband have raised 10 children, homeschooling them for many of those years…a topic which comes up a good bit in our conversation. When Jan and her husband married the were both new Christians so not only were they learning how to live together and create a harmonious home life, they were both learning how to faithfully walk with Christ, and it wasn’t always easy. We discuss some of the practical need for structure when living in a large family and Jan shares a little about her current season of homemaking which involves caring for her husband as he battles Parkinson’s disease. Jan shares many tips, a lot of practical advice and much wisdom throughout our conversation. I especially love that her advice is centered on the need to cultivate a deep abiding relationship with the Lord.



Welcome and Meet Jan, Beginnings: 2 Baby Christians Get Married

Learning Curves and Expectations: An Indecisive Perfectionist Learns to Depend on God

Practical Household Management: Raising and Educating 10 Children

Hospitality: Time Together, Good Books & Making Room at the Table

Seasons of Homemaking: Church and School Changes & Managing a Husband's Illness

Q&A: Fails, Wins, Tips & Favorites

The Art of Home: Making a Beautiful Home When You Lack the Creative Gene

Titus 2 Wisdom: Pray about Everything, Big or Small


Hack or Tip

  1. Add a little mayo (about a Tablespoon) to your mashed potatoes to keep creamy. We are not sure if it's the oil in the mayo or what, but Jan promises that this trick keeps her potatoes from getting stiff.

  2. Jan and her 10 children often brought some order back to the home after a busy day by having a 5 minute clean up party. Turn on some music, set a timer and see how much you can get done in just 5 minutes.

  3. To finish off the weekend, Jan loves to put out a Sunday Night Smorgasbord. Take all the leftover food out of the fridge, creating a little buffet and everyone can make a plate of whatever strikes their fancy. You don't have to cook and no food is going to waste.

  4. Because she struggles with both indecisiveness and perfectionism, Jan follows the 2 minute rule when tasks compete for her attention during a busy day. If she can get it done in 2 minutes, she will go ahead and do it. Otherwise, she makes a note to tackle later when she can give it the time required.

Product or Resource

  1. Jan's Kitchen Aid mixer is invaluable to her. I have to say, I feel the same way about mine.

  2. She recently discovered the wonder of a garlic press to make adding fresh garlic to dishes a breeze.

  3. Another recent tool Jan is loving is her hand crank cheese grater that attaches to the counter. Works wonderfully for creating creamy grated cheese, which is so much better than the pre-grated stuff in the stores. It also works for grating potatoes for hash browns.

Signature Dish

No party would be complete without Jan's famous Coconut Dip. This creamy sweet dip is a crowd pleaser, perfect for dipping graham crackers or fruit.

I was so intrigued by this recipe, I just had to try it. So I whipped up a batch to bring to small group with some strawberries and graham crackers. It was so yummy!! It does have a coconut flavor, but not overwhelming. Everyone enjoyed it. I shared a couple of tips I discovered when making this that I think will be helpful to you.

I also found a recipe online with an accompanying video for you visual learners. You can find that HERE.

Jan Roueche Coconut Dip-2
Download PDF • 3.98MB



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