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Homemaker Portrait | Amanda Turk, Season 19, Ep 5

 I am chatting with Amanda Turk, mom of 5 and homemaker for 23 years, some of which was done overseas. We talk about how books and head knowledge can be helpful but can also get in the way of learning to trust the instincts God gives us as homemakers and caretakers. Amanda shares the lessons she learned homemaking in a foreign country and why a habit of saying “yes” is crucial to practicing hospitality in her home. 



Welcome & Allison's Update: Sewing Resources & My First YouTube Interview

Meet Amanda, Beginnings & Learning Curves: If you give a homemaker a cookie...

Expectations & Learning Parenting, NOT by the Book

Managing Media: Encouraging Mindful Consumption & Temptations: Learning to say No to Good Things

Overseas Homemaking: Taking the Adventure God Brings & Sticking Together

Hospitality: A Habit of Saying "Yes"

Q&A: Fails, Wins, Tips & Favorites

The Art of Home: Embrace Your Family's Weirdness

Titus 2 Wisdom: Remember What it Was Like & Go With Your Gut

Top Takeaways, Reminders, Podcast News


Hack or Tip

Have you ever tried to clean the base of a toilet with a wet cloth only to find that it won't pick up the dust, lint and hair, but just smears it around instead? Amanda has a very simple tip to help with this annoying problem. Give the area a quick wipe with DRY toilet paper first. It picks up most of the dust and hair so you can easily finish the job using your wet cloth without making an even bigger mess.

Product or Resource

Amanda LOVES the app, You Need a Budget (YNAB). After living overseas for several years, they moved to the Washington DC area where the cost of living was significantly higher. They started using the app and it revolutionized their budget. It works much like an envelope system where you set aside certain amounts every month for each category of spending.

"The relief of knowing things are already accounted for gives you freedom to spend the money that's been set aside, and the knowledge of when to stop spending."

Signature Dish: Sausage Spinach Pie

This simple but satisfying dish is Amanda's go-to for birthdays, holidays, parties, or any kind of special event.

Sausage Spinach Pie
Download PDF • 3.96MB


ALLISON'S UPDATE: Sewing Resources


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