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Podcast Interview Best Practices

Getting Comfortable

  • Wear comfortable clothing.

  • Sit in a comfy chair.

  • Have something to drink nearby.

  • Let your family know when you will be interviewing so as to minimize phone interruptions. If you need your phone nearby for emergencies make sure it is on silent.

  • If you have made notes for your answers have them nearby to refer to as needed.

Microphone Technique

  • Speak directly into the microphone.

  • Find the Sweet Spot: Your mouth should be about a handbreadth away from the microphone, not too close, not too far.

I Don't Know What To Do With My Hands

  • If you tend to talk with your hands just be aware of them.

  • Try to avoid hitting the table with your hands for emphasis.

  • Watch out for flailing hands that might knock over the microphone.

  • Avoid tapping or drumming fingers, or clicking/tapping your pen.

"God Bless You!"- Sneezes, Doorbells and Other Noises

  • If you need to cough or sneeze, the best thing to do is pause, cough or sneeze, pause, then pick up where you left off. If needed, we can set up the question again and start your answer over.

  • If a sneeze or cough sneaks up on you, don't sweat it. If possible, I will remove it during the editing process. 

  • While I encourage you to arrange for Fido to be happily occupied in another room or outside, if he barks or growls unexpectedly, it is best to pause until he's quiet then pick up where we left off. I can remove the barking and pause in the editing process.

Pauses, Ums and Do-Overs

  • I may ask a question you need to think about. Take your time to collect your thoughts. Long pauses can be edited out. 

  • We all say "um", "like", "so" and other crutch words more than we'd like. Don't sweat it. Just be yourself and talk normally.

  • We all get tongue-tied sometimes. If your answer comes out unclear or you stumble over your words, simply call a "Do-Over". Make sure you pause (to give room for the edit) and begin your answer again.

Being Natural

  • Yes, there's a microphone in your face, but after a little while, you'll forget it's there.

  • Yes, this is being recorded, but it's really just a conversation between two people.

  • Yes, people all over the world will listen to this recording, but each listener is a real person looking for encouragement and inspiration for their own homemaking.

  • Yes, other homemakers have shared their amazing stories here, but each story is unique. You never know how something in your story will impact a listener who needs to hear it.

Interview with Integrity

  • Your story is yours. Others may not agree with your perspective or opinions and they may remember events differently, but this is still your story. Tell it with honesty and humility, practicing delicacy and tact as needed.

  • Would I say this if they were in the room? I encourage you to carefully consider before hand how you will talk about others in your interview​. 

  • It is easier to omit names and details BEFORE the episode goes live than it is to deal with angry friends and relatives AFTER it is released to the world. So while you are formulating an answer that includes sensitive situations or strained relationships, when in doubt, LEAVE IT OUT.

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