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Homemaker Portrait | Jen Thayer, Season 19, Ep 3

I am chatting with seasoned homemaker, Jen Thayer, about her experience keeping a home for the past 25 years with her husband Dan and their 9 children! Jen is a homeschooling mom with 3 special needs kid, 2 of which are internationally adopted. We talk about how these children are an integral part of their unique family culture, bringing challenges and blessings Jen never expected but thanks God for every day. We cover all the usual ground of beginnings, influences, challenges, fails, wins and favs, and we bond over our love of literature and the need for a family library. 



Welcome, Allison's Update: Recent Breakfast Favorites

Meet Jen, Beginnings & Influences: The Redeeming Influence of Grandma

Expectations & Practical Advice for Big Family Living

Temptations & Challenges: How to Love Families with Special Needs Kids

Homemaking & Parenting: A Pack-n-Play Laundry Prison

Hospitality: Do What You Can with Who God Brings

Q&A: Fails, Wins, Tips and Favorites

The Art of Home & Titus 2 Advice: Watch Your Words, Put Your Phone on a Shelf

Takeaways and Closing Thoughts

ALLISON'S UPDATE: Recent Breakfast Favorites


Hack or Tip

Large family living, homeschooling and a small home all have necessitated that Jen keep things tidy in the main living areas. She says that keeping the floor picked up and the kitchen table cleared makes things much easier on everyone.

She also highly recommends meal planning, however, she encourages homemakers to keep things simple. "Meals don't have to be extravagant," Jen reminds us, "learn to be content with what you can provide for your family."

Product or Resource

Jen's favorite tool is her vacuum cleaner, but what she really could not live without in her home is their family library. I whole-heartedly agree! Good books are essential to a home. We will be talking more about this in future, so stay tuned.

Signature Dish

While she couldn't really think of a signature savory dish or go-to dinner, Jen said she always has fresh cookies available. Here is her recipe for classic sugar cookies.

Be sure to set aside some extra sugar besides the 1 cup in the recipe for dipping the glass you will flatten the dough balls with.

If you forget to set your butter out ahead of time, try this hot glass butter-softening trick. Pour very hot water into a tall glass and let it sit for a few minutes. Pour water out of the glass down the drain. Stand your butter on its end. Now take your hot, empty glass and place it, upside down over the stick of butter, kind of like you're putting a cover over it. Allow the glass to remain over the butter for several minutes until cool. The heat from the glass will soften the butter without melting it like a microwave would.

Jen Thayer Sugar Cookies
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