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Homemaker Portrait | Brea Spires, Season 19, Ep 1

Updated: Mar 28

I am chatting with newbie homemaker, Brea Spires who is almost at the 5 year mark. She is a mom of two, home baker and content creator. Brea has been a long-time listener and supporter of The Art of Home and I was so excited to get to visit with her and hear her story of home. We cover all the usual topics;  beginnings and influences on her homemaking, how kids have enriched and challenged her homemaking, setting and keeping priorities, and much more. Be sure to stick around until the end when I will be back with my top takeaways from Brea’s interview as well as some exciting announcements about what is coming on The Art of Home this year!



Welcome to Season 19; Allison's Update: Cleaning out My Closet

Meet Brea, Beginnings & Influences: Homemaking Builds Flexibility & What My Sister Taught Me

Expectations: Homemaking Reality Check & Letting Go of Perfection

Parenting: Beauty in the Unexpected

Priorities: Finding What Works for YOU

Temptations & Challenges: How Does a Content Creator Manage Media Time

Hospitality: Guest Baskets & Laundry with Miss Barbara

Q&A: Fails, Wins, Tips & Favorites

The Art of Home: A Canvas for Unique Creativity & Titus 2 Advice

Top Takeaways & BIG Announcements

ALLISON'S UPDATE: Seasonal Clothing Storage System

Deep Dive Organization Part 2 , we begin clothing storage discussion around the 20 min mark


Hack or Tip

Brea's favorite tips are laundry related ones she learned from her neighbor, Miss Barbara. First of all, it is important to wash clothes in smaller loads. It may seem better to do a couple of really large loads to save on time, water and energy use, however, smaller loads are actually more efficient and better for your clothes. A less crowded washing machine will get clothes cleaner and a less crowded dryer will dry clothes much faster.

Or, follow Brea's second tip and skip the dryer by hanging clothes on the line. Clothes hung in bright sunshine will dry very quickly, cutting down on your overall laundry time. Plus, sunlight is a natural whitener and disinfectant.

Product or Resource

Brea has found that she prefers using a shop vac in the house over a traditional indoor vacuum cleaner. The shop vac has better suction, perfect for sucking up all the fine flour in her busy baker's kitchen. I would add that shop vacs are usually on casters so they are easy to maneuver and most are safe for cleaning up wet as well as dry messes. Here is an example.


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