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Homemaker Portrait | Kerita Fuller, Season 18, Ep 4

In this episode I am chatting with Kerita Fuller about her experience keeping a home for the past 10 years with her husband and step children. Kerita worked for the US Air Force for 20 years before retiring and fully embracing her role as full time homemaker and helpmeet to her husband. We talk about her sudden and steep learning curve of become a mom, not to babies, but to teens. She had a very short runway to prepare them to leave the nest as capable young adults and that was a big responsibility. Kerita shares openly how infertility can tempt her to compare to women who have what she doesn’t, but that God has taught her that what motherhood looks like is not what she thinks it should look like, but what He says it looks like. I love her perspective on hospitality and how homemaking builds community and she has some fun stories, tips and ideas to share.



Allison's Update: Valentine's Day, Podcast Recommendations and Be a Berean

Beginnings: From Air Force to Wife, Full Time Homemaker and Mom of Teens

Expectations: Investing Time in Your Home and in Launching Young Adults

Priorities: Being a Helpmeet and Viewing Social Media Like a Magazine

Temptations & Challenges: Avoiding Comparison in the Face of Infertility, Embracing God's Definition of Motherhood

Hospitality: Being Prepared to Always Show Simple Hospitality, The Welcoming Posture of the Homemaker

Homemaking Q&A: Fails, Wins, Favs and Recipes

The Art of Home and Titus 2 Wisdom

Closing Thoughts: Top Take-Aways and A Few Reminders

ALLISON'S UPDATE: Podcast Recommendations


Product or Resource

Pinterest for cleaning tips

Half-Baked Harvest for recipes

Hack or Tip

Frustrated by kitchen towels losing their absorbency, Kerita tried striping her towels and has never looked back. To strip towels you need to put a little vinegar and baking soda in your washing machine then add your towels and wash in extremely hot water. It is important that you do not add any extra cleaning products (especially fabric softener or dryer sheets) during the process and for regular washing she recommends you also avoid these extra products. Just a little laundry soap and vinegar will do. Kerita strips her kitchen laundry about once a month.

Signature Dish: Blondies

If you love the bite of a chewy chocolate chip cookie, but don't want to take the time for baking several batches, Kerita's one pan blondies will do the trick.

Kerita Fuller's Chocolate Chip Walnut Blondies
Download PDF • 3.99MB

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