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Homemaker Portrait | Darah Rogers, Season 20, Ep 3

I am chatting with Darah Rogers who has been keeping a home for several years…including a time of single homemaking in a youth camp cabin during covid and most recently for 2 years with her husband and baby girl. Darah shares how she struggled to reconcile her long standing desire to be at home full time with the cultural pressure she felt to pursue a career and how she is still resolving that struggle. We cover all the usual ground of fails, wins, tips and Titus 2 advice. Darah has that youthful zeal for all the  homemaking things and I picked up several new ideas from her!



Allison's Update: Kitchen Tool Favorite and Share Your Money Saving Kitchen Tips


Meet Darah, Beginnings: Summer Camp Homemaking & Embracing Full-Time Homemaking


Influences & Expectations: His Way v. Her Way, Compromising on Home Organization


Parenting: Let Them Help & Make Noise When They Nap!


Priorities: The Importance of Physical Calendars


Temptations & Challenges: Side Hustles & The Need to Feel Significant


Homemaker Q & A: Fails, Wins, Tips and Recipes


The Art of Home: Beauty That Fits Your Season; Titus 2: Help Us Sort the Noise


Top Takeaways and Reminders


Hack or Tip

Darah noticed that many of the recipes in her favorite natural cleaning book were based on castile soap. This non-toxic vegetable based soap is so versitle it can be used throughout the home on everything from dishes, to laundry to your hair and body. Originally made from olive oil in the Castile region of Spain, modern castile soap can be made with coconut, hemp or avocado oils. Though it is safe and non-toxic to use on your home, family and pets, you do need to dilute it properly for different uses. This article from gives 26 uses and recipes for castile- based cleaners.

Product or Resource

Although she realizes this puts her firmly into the "crunchy" catagory, Darah has grown to love drinking raw milk. She receives regluar delivery from a local dairy farmer.

*disclaimer: this is not an argument for or against consuming raw milk.

Signature Dish: Waffle Wednesday

Darah is working on perfecting her waffle recipe for their weekly breakfast celebration of Waffle Wednesday, something which I might adopt as a dinner-time ritual using either savory or sweet waffles. Here is the original recipe she is working to perfect:



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