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Homemaker Portrait | Carrie Parker, Season 20, Ep 1

I am talking with seasoned homemaker, Carrie Parker. She has been keeping a home for over 26 years with her husband, Todd. They raised and homeschooled 2 boys, navigated crazy career choices, and witnessed God mercifully restore their marriage, bringing it back from the brink of divorce. Carrie has experienced a lot in life and she candidly shares what God has taught her through her mistakes. You will find many nuggets of wisdom to mine in this conversation.

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Welcome & Allison's Update: New Content, Slower Schedule

Meet Carrie: Hydroponic Lettuce and Fighting Fungus Gnats

Beginnings: Cleaning was the Family Business; Expectations: College is Not for Everyone

Priorities: Household Management and Career Choices Leading to Burnout

Challenges: Do you really want a divorce? God Saves a Marriage

Hospitality & Helping Out: Inviting Kids to Participate and Hosting Missionaries

Seasons of Homemaking: Learning to Appreciate the Homemaker's Freedom

Q&A; Fails, Wins and Favorites

The Art of Home: Finding Beauty in the Peace of Home

Titus 2 Wisdom: Slow Down & Seek the Lord Daily


Hack or Tip

Carrie loves using her robot vacuum to hack her cleaning routine. She can set it and forget it, going about other tasks of her day while this little helper picks up cat hair, crumbs, dirt and other debris.

Her second hack is to use, wait for it--------------- Souper Cubes! I have made another convert, my work here is complete. Seriously though, she loves that she can make a big batch of soup and freeze leftovers into single portion sizes that are easy to reheat and compact in the freezer. I agree! 😊

Product or Resource

If Carrie had to give up all but one homemaking tool, she would keep her Berkey Water Filter. She keeps her large Berkey right by the sink and they use it for all their water needs. She's even been known to take it on camping trips!

Signature Dish: Chicken & Rice Soup

Carrie Parker Chicken and Rice Soup
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