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A Bowl of Comfort

Updated: Jan 20

I picked up a nasty cold somewhere this weekend. Time for Egg Rice.

I was born in Southwest Louisiana, home of the International Rice Festival since 1937. The region where my family lives produces the most rice in the state. My great-grandfather was a rice farmer. Mumsy, my grandmother, would purchase rice in huge grain sacks just for her family's consumption. Rice is an important part of my family heritage and a staple in Cajun cooking. I need rice in my life.

Because so many Cajun dishes call for rice, Mumsy always had leftovers in the refrigerator. So when anyone was sick egg rice was the go-to comfort food she would prepare. I am not sure the origin of this tradition, but our family is known for it. I once posted this on Facebook and a childhood friend commented, "That is such a Simon thing!" (pronounced See-mon)

Basically, this is egg fried rice without the Asian flavors. My mom tells me that when Mumsy was feeling really fancy she would add sliced green onion, what she called "onion tops." I don't know why this dish tastes so good when you're sick. Perhaps it is the simplicity of the ingredients ~ butter, rice, egg, salt, pepper. Easy on the stomach. Comfort in a bowl.

  1. "Fry" some leftover rice in a pat of butter.

2. Make a well in the center of the rice, add another small pat of butter then top with an egg, salt & pepper.

3. Let egg cook until almost set, then scramble and incorporate into the rice. Add another small pat of butter and more salt or pepper as needed for taste. Serve with "onion tops" if you are feeling fancy. :)

4. Feel better soon! 💕


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