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Dear Friend,


Thank you for agreeing to appear as a guest on The Art of Home Podcast! I would like to take this opportunity to give you a little background information on the what, why and how of this project.


Historically, homemaking skills were passed down in the home from older generations to younger—and sometimes that still occurs. But with dual income households and transient modern life, traditional training in homemaking is the exception rather than the rule. We often find ourselves newly married and living far away from our mothers, sisters, grandmothers and aunts who could model and teach the art of home.


Fortunately, if we know where to look and we are willing to ask for help, there are always people around us from whom we can gain wisdom and encouragement for our homemaking. 


Ideally we would love to spend hours at the tables of these more seasoned homemakers and learn from them. But busy, overwhelming schedules can keep us from these valuable apprenticeships. And while there are many excellent resources in print to tutor and encourage homemakers, the demands of running a home do not leave much time for reading. Listening is another matter. I spent many hours in my kitchen as a young mom listening to encouraging teaching and preaching on Moody Radio. I could listen while making dinner and washing dishes with the added benefit that my children were hearing the same teaching.   


Today we carry around a world of information in our pocket. Podcasts can be an excellent resource for busy homemakers who are able to squeeze in an episode or two rather than a book or lengthy article. There are many podcasts focusing on the how-to of cleaning, cooking, budgeting and other household tasks. But there are few highlighting the stories of individual homemakers.  


With The Art of Home Podcast I hope to create a virtual community of homemakers sharing stories and experiences in order to lift up, encourage, challenge and teach one another. Homemaking is necessary. The work is hard, but can be infused with meaning and eternal value. It is an outlet for personal creativity and growth as well as an occupation that adds value, stability and beauty to individual homes and to society as a whole. With so much riding on this occupation let’s take every opportunity to develop our skills, establish our purpose and celebrate our victories together. 


I thank you, my friend, for adding your voice to this community. I look forward to hearing your story.

With Much Love and Gratitude,



The Art of Home exists to provide encouragement and inspiration for women to practice homemaking as an art with confidence, skill, joy and creativity.

Through our podcast and resources we desire to elevate the work of the home in the eyes of the homemaker and of the culture.

Homemaking practiced as an art exchanges drudgery for dignity and brings beauty and great value to the ordinary tasks of life.

Guest Welcome Letter

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