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Guest Interview Questions

The Newbie Homemaker

Below is an outline of questions from which we will work to conduct the interview. I may not ask all of these questions, but these are the ideas and topics I would like to explore in our conversation. 


Newbie Homemaker Questions

For women who have 5 or less years experience as homemakers


Welcome (to be added in post-production)

Allison will give brief welcome and introduce guest.


Guest Intro 

Tell us a little about who you are today, then we will go back and trace your homemaking story from the beginning. 

(Here you can include things such as family info, career info, hobbies, etc. Your reply should be just about a minute or so).


Background & Skills

  • When did you first become a homemaker and did you bring any skills with you into that role?


  • What area of homemaking are you struggling with right now and what solutions are you implementing to help you grow in that area?




  • What are some things that have surprised you about homemaking, things (good or bad) that you didn’t expect?


  • What unrealistic expectation have you had to let go of for the well-being of you and your family? 



Parenting *if applicable

  • How did the addition of children challenge & enrich your homemaking? 


  • How do you encourage your kids to participating in homemaking? How do they get to enter into the practice of The Art of Home with you?




  • What practical step do you take to set and keep priorities? (For example, making time for God, your marriage, your health)


  • How do you maintain a healthy relationship with social media (and help your kids do that as well)?



Temptations & Challenges

  • Which of these temptations have you struggled with the most and what is God teaching you through it?

    1. Comparison to other women/homemakers
    2. Just a Homemaker: I’m not getting paid, so it’s not a “real job”.

    3. Superwoman: trying to do all the things


  • What is a special challenge you have faced in your homemaking journey and how are you working through that challenge to adapt and grow? What is one thing you are thankful for about that challenge? (Some examples of challenges: financial struggles, infertility, having to work part or full time, special needs child, caring for an aging parent, health issues, etc.)



  • What is one practical way you show hospitality in your homemaking? (to your family and to others)

  • How does homemaking help build community?

Rapid Fire Questions

  • Biggest homemaking fail (so far)

  • Recent homemaking win

  • A homemaking product or resource you are loving right now (cleaning, cooking, organizing, food product, candle, cookbook, appliance, YouTube channel, podcast, etc.)

  • Favorite homemaking hack or tip (doesn’t have to be original)

The Art of Home

  • How do you see homemaking as an art?

  • How do you find beauty in the midst of work that can feel mundane and monotonous?

  • Why is gratitude important for the home and how have you seen it improve your experience as a homemaker?

Homemaker Support

  • How can older women help your generation of homemakers thrive in their practice of The Art of Home? (What do you need help with? What do you wish they knew about your experience that they could speak wisdom and truth into?)


  • To the young woman about to enter or hoping to enter into marriage and homemaking, what advice would you offer to help her prepare for that role?

Bonus Content: Christmas


The final season of the year will be a mini-season all about Christmas.  The episodes will release, 1 per week, every Wednesday in December before Christmas.  These episodes will be a compilation of short holiday segments from each of the women I interviewed during the year.  


After the main interview, we will record a brief holiday segment using the following questions as guidelines.


  • What does a typical Christmas Day look like at your home? (Who is there, what are you eating, etc?) And do you have a special recipe that you always make at Christmas?

  • Did you and your household have special holiday traditions? (Caroling, gingerbread house competition, working at a soup kitchen, cutting your own tree, sending Christmas cards…etc.)

  • Holidays are hectic.  How did you maintain balance and keep your focus on what really matters to your family in this busy season?

Click PDF icon below for a printable version of Newbie Homemaker Guest Questions.

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