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Resilient Homemaking with Kim Stedman

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Around every corner of Kim Stedman's home is a surprise to delight the eyes and engage the mind. She loves to surround herself with homemaking relics of the past. She appreciates the beauty of these objects as well as the reminder they provide of how much effort was required in the past for homemakers to do their job compared to the relative ease with which modern homemakers are able to complete household tasks. "We have it so easy today," says Kim. "I put in my dirty clothes, push a button and they come out clean."

While modern appliances helped Kim tackle the household chores with less effort than her grandmother, her homemaking story was not filled with ease and comfort. Kim faced a multitude of challenges in her life including finding herself a widow in her 30's with four young children to raise and provide for.

Kim managed to grow a successful hairstyling business out of her home so that she could be as present as possible with her children. Although she did not receive the homemaking life she had hoped for, Kim learned to depend on God for the strength she needed to be resilient and find a way to make the best home she could with what she had to work with. Click the link below to hear more or Kim's story of home.

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