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Hospitable Homemaking with Dana Schamberger

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Dana Schamberger describes herself as obsessively organized, a little bit of a rebel, a ruthless purger, and an empty nester. She is wife to Rich, mother to 4, and Gammy and GG to 6. Dana's homemaking was influenced by two very different grandmothers, one from the country and the other from the city. Her homemaking story is varied and includes a season of single motherhood, a blended family life, and chronic illness. Dana's humor and frank manner, not to mention her ever-present M & M jar, will draw you in to kick off your shoes, pull up a chair and make yourself at home.

Hanging in Dana's kitchen is a memorial to her "country" grandma, Memaw. A tattered recipe for Blackberry Jam Cake written in Memaw's hand. Dana has made this cake many times and has shared it with us in a downloadable format below. You can make this cake as a two layer beauty or as a sheet cake.

If you try your hand at Memaw's cake snap a photo and tag us on Instagram, @theartofhomepodcast.

Memaw's Blackberry Jam Cake
Download PDF • 33KB

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