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The Organized Homemaker

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Open kitchen shelving, neatly stacked white dishes, cooking oils and a plant
Joi Welch's Peaceful Cottage Kitchen

Does this picture of Joi's kitchen give you all the peaceful, organizational feels? The limits of her 600 square foot cottage require Joi make the most of her space, but she has been mastering the art of organization for as long as she can remember. Even as a child, she would sort through her toys and, displaying discipline and wisdom beyond her years, decide what she was ready to part with that might bring delight to a friend next-door.

Before we jump into Joi's approach to organization, let's set a few parameters.

Defining Organization

  • Organization is a skill that can be learned, not a superpower only few are born with.

  • Organization is a process, not perfectionism.

  • Organization is not buying bins, baskets, and other organizational products. Those are tools to help you implement an organizational system.

Getting Organized vs Staying Organized

  • Getting organized is the process of setting up a system that shifts you from operating out of a place of chaos to a place of order. It involves evaluation, planning, and execution.

  • Staying organized is maintaining the system. It involves discipline, training, behaviors and modifications as needed to make the system work optimally for you and your family.

Joi's approach to organization is not typical. She does recommend purging and careful planning, but Joi believes that every successful organization project begins in the heart. She recommends we take the time to prayerfully consider some key factors that will help us in the process of both getting and staying organized.

She teaches us how to establish systems of order based on how we want to L.I.V.E. She asks us to consider the following:

  • Life purpose & values: What has God called you to do in this season of life and what are your core values?

  • Interests: What are you and your family members interested in?

  • Vision: What is your vision for your home?

  • Evaluation: What needs to be purged from your space and what is your plan for setting up a system in that space so it functions best to meet your L, I, and V as discussed above?

Hear more about Joi's heart-centered organization method on The Art of Home Podcast, season 4, episode 1; A Homemaking Deep Dive on Organization


We've created a free guide to help you work through Joi's acronym L.I.V.E. for your organization project. This is a printable file as well as a fillable digital file.

. Organization Workbook

FULL EPISODE TRANSCRIPT Deep Dive: Organization Part 1
Download • 105KB

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