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Homemaker Portrait | Kim Coburn

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Kim Coburn has been keeping a home for 47 years. Together with her husband, Phil, she raised 4 children. They have lived most of their married life pretty far away from family, so they learned to depend upon each other and grew stronger as a family. As a young bride, Kim was fortunate to be able to learn from her sister-in-law who lived nearby and who was a few steps ahead on her homemaking journey. After a while, Kim developed her own style and practice of The Art of Home.

There were many challenging days, but Kim learned the skill of setting up margin in her rhythms. She learned to accept that she was not Superwoman and that to hold herself to that standard was unrealistic and unfair. She recognized the need for regular periods of rest in her days so that she would be better equipped to do what her heart longed to do; serve her family well with joy and peace.

Though they consider themselves retired, that hasn't slowed Kim and Phil down much. They recently tackled a family project of epic proportions. Working together with their adult children they renovated a home in the Texas Hill Country to use for out-of-town family guests and to put on the vacation rental market for other families to enjoy. We conducted our interview at the family vacation property and it was a delightful space to work in. All the photos you see here are of the vacation home. If you are interested in renting Kim's family vacation home, there's a link at the end of this post.

To hear Kim's full story of home click the image below.

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