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Generational Homemaking with Karen Sheppard

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Stepping onto Karen Sheppard's property you feel right at home. It is a place of welcome for all ages, from all walks of life, and that is just how Karen likes it. Children can run and play in the yard and friends and neighbors can fellowship at her garden table.

For Karen and her husband, home is a place of life, creativity and hope. It is a place where bodies and souls are fed around the table ~ where everyone has value because they are made in the image of God.

Karen's story of home chronicles decades of experience in cultivating a place of belonging through homemaking. She has made a home for her children, for their children and she hopes to one day nurture the souls of yet another generation.

Sheppard Family Values (character goal)

  1. God is real and He loves us. (Faith)

  2. We show God we love Him by obeying, sharing, giving and praying. (Faithfulness)

  3. The Bible is our guide in what is good and right. (Wisdom)

  4. Doing right is never wrong. (Conviction & Courage)

  5. People are more important than things. (Love & Respect)

  6. Anything with God is better than everything without Him. (Thankfulness & Contentment)

Karen's Award-Winning Chives Bread:

Karen Sheppard Creamy Chives Bread
Download PDF • 29KB

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