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Compassionate Homemaking with Laurie Mott

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Laurie Mott's homemaking story takes place as much outside as it does inside of her home.Her green thumb is evident everywhere you look. Laurie said she always wanted "Yard of the Month", but military life never kept her family in one place for very long. She is quick to credit God for giving her an appreciation for beauty in the garden as well as the means to cultivate her own little edenic patch in the home where she and her husband have settled after retiring from the US Air Force.

Laurie spends her days tending to her garden, helping young moms by watching their kids when they need a break, and caring for her adult special needs daughter. She truly exhibits a God-given spirit of blooming where you are planted. Laurie has made a haven in her home and garden by keeping her eyes fixed on things of eternal value, knowing what her limits are and trusting God to provide for her needs.

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